We've teamed up with Healthy Spot to bring dog training classes to all current and future Healthy Spot locations in California!

We call the series The Positive Canine Academy.

The Positive Canine Academy is a series of classes designed for every dog: from puppies who haven't had their vaccinations yet through experienced dogs looking to earn their CGC Certification! There’s a class for everyone, always science-based, always using positive reinforcement.



30 minutes of play and light instruction for puppies who haven’t yet received all of their vaccination shots.

Puppy Training Class

Six weeks focused on socialization and training basics and behaviors for puppies ages 2 to 6 months.

Dog Obedience Class

Dog owners will learn how to apply training techniques in real world scenarios within a holistic approach.

Positive Dogs University

A focus on the skills necessary to pass the CGC exam. We’ll analyze and practice each section to prep students for the test.


Interested in Group Classes?

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At Healthy Spot, we understand that dogs are more than just pets; they are family. That’s why we’re committed to providing, even the most discerning pet owners, with a full range of wholesome, organic food lines as well as a wide selection of safe and eco-friendly toys, treats, training tools, grooming products, and services. We track every pet food recall and stock only the highest quality products. Rest assured, if it’s Healthy Spot approved, it’s safe.

We put our 8-month old golden retriever through the positive dog group class simultaneously with private class. Both were run by Sam and she was the absolute best: patient, sweet, and instructive. We saw a major improvement in Granger’s behavior, and he learned commands instantly (after months of us trying to do it ourselves). Sam gave us the tools to keep up his training so he improves even more as long as we’re consistent. Thank you Tullys!!!
— Adam H.