Thanks to the magic of the Internet, we can now offer our fabulous dog training programs to anyone, no matter your location! How? Skype of course!


Dog Training on Skype

Our Skype dog training programs will function very similarly to our more traditional private dog training programs—you'll get one-on-one, customized training sessions with one of our acclaimed trainers via Skype. All of the high-quality, thoughtful, scientifically-proven methods and love for your dog that you will find in our private programs, just in digital form.

We have been developing this concept for a while, and we have found that doing programs via Skype has some pretty great advantages!


Advantages to Digital Dog Training:


Flexible Scheduling

Because there is no commute, we can get super flexible with scheduling! Now, no matter where you live you can take advantage of Tully’s Training techniques, tools, and most importantly, results! What used to be available to a select few, is now available to all.


No Geographical Limitations

Whether you are in San Francisco, New York, or in the middle of nowhere - we can work with you. You can reap the benefits of professional, experienced, and knowledgeable trainers who have a proven track record of giving dog owners amazing results.


Ability to observe behavioral issues without the distraction of having us there

Now your pup won’t even know we are there! This allows us to see how your dog is naturally behaving. Many times our clients tell us, “He is so good when you're here!” In dog training sessions via Skype, we get to see how your dog behaves as if nobody new is in the environment.


It's a Great option for those on a budget

Because we don’t have to drive to your home, we can price these programs less than our traditional programs. Now, we aren’t cheap—we'll tell you that upfront. We are a premium dog training service. We give you customized training, one-on-one attention, and a ton of other perks that we can discuss during your free consultation.

My wife and I live in Pittsburgh and through Tully's Training Skype program, we were able to utilize their services from afar. We worked mainly on our dogs separation anxiety issues. Using Skype for our sessions was great because it avoided the added stress for our dog of an unknown person in our home. Through the video training, we were able to easily set up weekly meetings and have a great hands on experience in working with our dog, Charlie. We highly recommend Tully's Training!
— Shannon A. and Charlie

Ready to get started?

Schedule your free consultation.

Very similarly to any program with us, first we need some information from you. Fill out your information and make sure to specify that you are interested in Online Skype Training.

Once we review your case, we'll match you up with the member of our team who is best suited to meet your dog training needs. That trainer will contact you ASAP to schedule your free consultation. That's it!


Frequently Asked Questions About Online Dog Training


Do Skype Dog Training Sessions actually work? 
Absolutely! Part of our free consultation is to determine the program that works best for you and your dog so that you see the best results in the shortest amount of time possible. Because we are essentially training the people, not the dog, Skype sessions allow us to see the problems you are having and work you through them. When necessary we can use our own dogs to show you how to work through troublesome behavior. 

Why wouldn’t I use a dog trainer where I live?
You can do that! However, you found us and that’s because we are very good at what we do. We’ve been featured on Nat Geo Wild, Inspire Health Magazine,, and San Diego News 6. We've worked with hundreds of different species, at some of the top zoos and aquariums in the world. We have been mentored by some of the best animal trainers the industry has to offer. This isn’t a hobby or side job for us, like many dog trainers. This is our career. This is something we have studied, practiced, and dedicated our lives to. 

You can see that in the two cities we work in we have an average Yelp rating of 4.9 stars! The trainers who helped achieve this rating are the same trainers you will be working with. We only use humane, positive reinforcement training techniques that get results. This is an opportunity to work with Los Angeles based all-star trainers without leaving your home. 

Can I use Facetime or another digital platform instead? 
Of course! In fact, sometimes we will ask our clients to Facetime problems that may be occurring out of site of the computer or outside of the house. This way we can “be there” and observe everything you are seeing and give you the tools necessary to combat these behavioral problems. 

I am still skeptical about skype sessions. How do I know this will work?
We understand why you would be skeptical about digital dog training. This is obviously very different than the traditional dog owner-dog trainer relationship. While we can never guarantee training will work, (it all depends on your commitment and application of the tools we give you), we do have a track record that speaks for itself. If you are still skeptical, give us a chance! Sign-up for our free, no obligation, Skype consultation to see if we are a right fit for you. We will go over all your dog training goals, answer all of your questions, and prepare a customized program for you and your canine friend! At the end of the consultation if you are still not impressed, then there is no obligation! If you excited to get started, (and we are confident you will be), we can start the training right there on the spot!

I have been impressed not only with the results, but at how patient, positive, and professional everyone is - I feel like they get how frustrating training can be for pet-parents and go above and beyond to support both their doggy and human clients.
— Liz C. and Bandit