To ensure the best solution and price, we believe in taking the time to meet with you and your family in your home before training begins.

Here's how it works:




Schedule Your Consultation

To set up a free, no obligation, in-home consultation, fill out your information below and we'll match you up with the member of our team who is best suited to meet your dog training needs. We'll schedule a time that's convenient and works for you and everyone else living with your dog(s).




Program Design

This in-home visit is the opportunity for our behavior consultant to meet you, survey your dog and family in your own environment, discuss in more detail about what problem behaviors your dog is exhibiting, and complete a thorough behavioral evaluation on your dog.

The consultant will then take all of that information and design a customized training program uniquely designed around your lifestyle and goals. We have found that by taking this extra time we get better results in a faster amount of time.



Start Training

The cost of this home visit is totally free and if you're interested in moving forward with training, we'll get everything squared away right then and there. If not, no worries—there's no obligation to sign up for anything and there's no hard feelings!

Our recommendations and prices vary because they are uniquely based on your specific budget, lifestyle, and training goals.

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Sam was absolutely fantastic with our Labrador puppy, Ranger (and with us)! I really feel like we all got a thorough education. Going forward we really understand what behaviors we are reinforcing and how to kindly and positively engage our dog’s cooperation, and our relationship with Ranger is and will be better for it. I really loved the follow up emails that were sent after each session, they continue to be a very valuable resource to us. We are very thankful!!!
— Kimberly B.