Our approach to behavior modification is based on the science of learning using positive-reinforcement techniques:

Using Positive Reinforcement to Motivate

Work with your dog, not against them. Learn how to use what they like to get them to do what you want. It really is that simple! We believe that positive reinforcement is the safest and most effective way to train your dog. Our methods have been scientifically studied and proven time and time again. Learn to work with your dog like a professional dog trainer!

Build confidence and trust

Relationship is everything. Using simple techniques, you’ll build a stronger relationship with your dog based on trust and understanding while learning to work together as a team. Your dog wants to be good - it just doesn't know how! Help your dog be better by gaining his or her confidence and trust.

Simple changes that set you up for success

We look at your dogs daily routine and lifestyle to find the root of whatever problem you may be having. Before we take on any new clients we complete a thorough in-home consultation and behavioral evaluation on your dog. We then customize a training program around your dog's needs, giving us the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.

Training with a long-term focus

By using “problem” behaviors as examples, you’ll get a complete dog training education that is focused on the big picture rather than a few isolated problems. Learn how to read your animal, how behavior works, and how to modify it. You will not only learn how to fix current problem behaviors, but keep future problem behaviors from occurring. Your dog isn't the only one getting an education!


Private In-Home Dog Training

Learn how to read your animal, how behavior works and how to modify it. You will not only learn how to fix current problem behaviors, but keep future problem behaviors from occurring.

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Online Skype Dog Training

Flexible scheduling, the ability to observe behavioral issues without the distraction of having us there, and a it’s a great option for those on a tighter budget.

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Dog Training Classes

We offer a series of dog training classes at Healthy Spot locations around Los Angeles, from puppies who haven't gotten their vaccinations yet through experienced dogs looking to earn their CGC Certificate!

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We've partnered up with Healthy Spot to bring group dog training classes Healthy Spot locations in Southern California!

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We're always posting videos and photos from our training sessions with our clients. Here are the latest — look at 'em go!


Latest Blog Post

I was nervous before starting training because I was afraid I’d find out my dog was a nightmare, or I’d get criticized for doing the wrong things. I was SO relieved when I started training with Tully’s. They are very encouraging and make you feel empowered by your role in your dog’s training. Both my dog and I experienced a huge turn-around!
— Jessie G.
I would just like to mention how amazing our trainer was. She was so patient, and even on weeks where we didn’t do our homework she never once made us feel bad. When we didn’t feel confident about a certain behavior she worked with us until we did. Prior to training we didn’t know if we were going to be able to keep Bogey. Today we are so in love with our puppy we could never imagine our lives without him.
— Terri A.