Trainer Resources


Apps you need:

Slack — team communications. Team name:
Xero — for invoicing and client management
Asana — task management
Calendly — calendar tool for clients to book sessions with you
HelloSign Electronic Contract (for new clients)

Sales Process

HelloSign Electronic Contract

*New* Consultation Training Guide (PDF)

Note: The new fancy Google Forms allow you to see your responses on the form itself without having to navigate to a separate spreadsheet, which is nifty and cool. The spreadsheets simply provide another way to access and change the information you've collected.

Los Angeles First Contact Questions + Responses

Los Angeles Consultation QuestionsResponses

San Diego First Contact QuestionsResponses

San Diego Consultation QuestionsResponses

Welcome Packet

Customize your welcome packets to your client's needs and goals. For instance, there's no need to print all eight pages of the Sophia Yin document. If you don't have a printer, use the Fedex Kinkos Print Online service and be sure to include printing expenses for reimbursement in your invoices. Alternately, we can send materials to print for you, just message Alex and Sam Hofman in the #request-materials channel on Slack.

Welcome Letter

Answers Pet Food Coupon

Training Goals List Template

All Dr. Sophia Yin Documents

Puppy Socialization Checklist

AVSAB Position Statement on Punishment

How To Deal With Out of Control Barking

How To Deal With Dogs That Jump