With incomparable experiences in the exotic, domestic, and marine mammal training industries, our team has gained a unique understanding of how behavior works and how to modify it effectively.

Mary Tully, Founder

With a decade of experience training a variety of exotic animals, owner and head trainer Mary Tully brings a fresh take and effective technique to behavior modification.

Originally from Alabama, Mary Tully has had the unique privilege of training a plethora of animal species in her career in various facilities across the country. From chickens to dolphins, she has applied the same general behavioral principles to every animal she has worked with. 

After training exotic animals professionally over the past decade in facilities including SeaWorld San Diego, Discovery Cove in Orlando, Sea Life Park Hawaii, Busch Gardens Tampa, and the Animal Actors Show at Universal Studios in Hollywood, Mary has settled in Southern California to work with the animal species that started her training obsession: dogs!

Kyle Kittleson 
Behavioral Consultant

As a professional animal behaviorist and outspoken animal rights activist, Kyle Kittleson offers specific and effective training advice for Tully's Training clients. From volunteering at The Phoenix Zoo in college to working his way up through the field of animal care, rescue, and training in various facilities across the country, Kittleson has worked with dozens of species animals and still considers dogs to be the most unique.

Kittleson's training approach focuses on operant conditioning through positive reinforcement—both with dogs and their owners. Kittleson believes that a dog's potential is in direct proportion to quality training and owner involvement. The owners who spend the time to learn about positive training techniques and then consistently utilize those techniques with their dogs are the most successful.

Sara Du Bouchet 
Los Angeles Senior Trainer

Sara's done it all: pet sitting, dog walking, dog training, you name it! She started her animal care and training career as a volunteer at The Glendale Humane Society where she was later hired as a full-time trainer. Sara not only provided in-home training to adopters but her experience and instincts proved an invaluable asset to the development of behavioral adjustment programs. 

Tully's Training was great! I loved that they used positive reinforcement and Sara was great to work with. My big puppy can be quite a handful but she was also prompt, knowledgeable and patient with us! As a first-time puppy raiser, this was the excellent training that I was looking for.
— Alyx P.

Brianna Alvarez
San Diego Senior Trainer

Brianna has been professionally training dogs since 2009.  Her passion for animals has taken her all over San Diego County working with a variety of animals from pigeons to porcupines.  She has worked with private facilities, San Diego Zoo's Safari Park, Helen Woodward Humane Society, and the Pet's Rule show at Sea World San Diego!

Brianna's favorite part about training animals is the "a-ha" moment when it finally clicks to the animal what is being asked of them.  Her favorite thing about working with dog owners is sharing the "a-ha" moment experience with them! 

Brianna was truly amazing! When we first met her, our pup Watson was literally chewing up everything! She taught us the importance of consistency, routine, and positive reinforcement and now Watson is so well-mannered and we have the best relationship with him. Bri doesn't just teach dogs how to be good pets, she teaches people how to be good pet owners and that is so important and priceless.
— Samantha R.

Meghan McLeod, Trainer

Meghan has worked with and mentored under some of the world’s most recognized and highly regarded behaviorists of our time, including Karen Pryer, Kim Rapport (assistant to the late great Dr. Sophia Yin), and Dr. Ian Dunbar. So it’s no surprise that Meghan herself has become one of the most respected and sought-after dog trainers in the Los Angeles area, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her as part of the Tully’s Training team.

For Meghan, it all started while growing up on a horse ranch where she was introduced to many different types of animal training at an early age. She went on to volunteer at the Humane Society, train and perform at the San Diego Zoo animal shows, teach literally hundreds of group dog training classes, become Head Trainer at Zoom Room for four years, and that’s not even half of it… 

Meghan is also a certified CGC evaluator, has been featured in the New York Times for her amazing agility training classes, was selected three years in a row to teach at-risk kids how to be dog trainers, once played a dog trainer in a movie (oh, Los Angeles!), worked as an animal handler for the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, and is currently the Advisor on Dog Training for a new exhibit at the California Science Center called Dogs! A Science Tail coming in 2018.

Meghan lives and trains dogs in West Los Angeles, specifically the areas of Venice and Santa Monica.

Claire Anderson, Trainer

If you want to see a real passion for dogs, just look at Claire's resume over the last decade: dog handler, dog walker, veterinary assistant, rescue dog foster parent, rescue dog adoption specialist at Underdog Rescue, and she's just getting started! Now as a seasoned dog trainer, Claire dedicates her skills, experience, and vigor to helping her clients work through their frustrations to ultimately form an even better relationship with their pets. When she is not training dogs, you can find Claire on her yoga mat or hiking with her dachshund, Miles Davis and her pit bull, Ziggy Starpup!

We worked with Claire and she is amazing! Super knowledgeable and makes training interesting, engaging and fun. Frankie (our dog) has learned a lot and so have we! Cannot recommend enough, a wonderful experience.
— Leah H..

Samantha Merritt, TRAINER

Sam’s love for dogs fueled her passion to become a Certified Dog Trainer. She considers her dogs to be valuable family members and it is her heart to see dogs find their forever home. It was during her years volunteering at the Burbank Animal Shelter that she realized dog training was her calling. Sam was accepted into the Animal Behavior College where she learned proper training techniques and how to read behavior. Sam is a proud graduate of Animal Behavior College where she earned her Certification in Dog Training.

Sam is a fantastic trainer and human. We were grateful to hire such a great company. We were basically being trained by Sam to learn the tools needed to train our pups in a positive way and to use the same basic skills on tiered exercises to teach them new tricks down the road. Thank you all. We will be continuing with ongoing classes with our pups because it's just darn fun.
— Jonathan C.

Samantha Hofman, TRAINER

Sam is the newest trainer to join the Tully's Training team in Los Angeles! Sam knew she wanted to work with animals from a young age. At California Polytechnic State University, Sam studied Field and Wildlife Biology and soon after, fulfilled her childhood dream of attending America's Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College. After I graduating with honors, Sam continued on to work at Universal Studios Animal Actors Show, where her training experience with both domestic and exotic animals grew and she learned how to perform a show in front of thousands of people. Sam is thrilled to have joined the Tully's team to help families have the canine companions they want and deserve.

Alex Vega, Design & Marketing

As a professional web and graphic designer, Alex is responsible for designing all things Tully's Training, like this website and our logo among other stuff! 

Alex is the best fiancée I've ever had and she designs things really good!
— Mary Tully