Enriching, effective, and enjoyable individualized private dog training sessions for you and your little buddy.

Tully's Training is all positive reinforcement and they will cater to what your pet needs. Our dog Duff needed a lot of love, patience, and help with her confidence and she got it. Each session, my husband and I learned more about how to communicate with Duff and we'd understand better the tools needed to teach her. The results were fast and lasting. And Duff can shake hands now. We always wanted a dog who could shake hands!
- Rachael B. and Duff

Positive-reinforcement training based on the science of learning.

Our techniques have been tried and proven effective through and through across a wide range of animal species. Even despite over 30+ years combined experience in animal behavior modification, our team is passionately dedicated to keeping informed of new ideas and research in the training field to ensure our clients are getting the best possible tools they can get to see results. Meet the Tully's Training Team!

Sessions aren't capped by a time limit.

Our private, in-home dog training sessions have no time maximum time length. Our experienced and professional dog trainers spend whatever time necessary with you and your canine companion. We don't believe in limiting a session due to time, we believe in maximizing each lesson with you and your dog by not ending the session until our goals are completed.

Get the individualized attention you need.

Group Classes aren't always enough (but can be great for simple behavioral problems and socializing your dog). Private dog training is a great way to ensure you and your dog are getting the attention you both deserve! Whether it's aggression, separation anxiety, excessive barking, jumping, pulling on the leash, food-guarding, chewing up your house, we can treat it and, perhaps more importantly, we can show you how. Read testimonials from our happy customers.


Interested in private training?

Schedule your free consultation.

As with any of our services, before we know what we can recommend, we need some information from you. Fill out your information and make sure to specify that you are interested in Private Dog Training.

Once we review your case, we'll match you up with the member of our team who is best suited to meet your dog training needs. That trainer will contact you ASAP to schedule your free consultation. That's it!


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I've done both the private sessions, and the 5-week group training, and I am so happy with the results. It's completely worth the investment, and before you commit, you get a free in-home consultation to personally assess your dog's issues.
— Kate H.